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vedic astrology
Specialty: Compatibility Readings

Firozé was Born in Iran and raised in two of the industries’ capital cities, London and Paris, From At an Early Age she was very interested in Esoteric subjects. started a meditation practice at the age of 13 and Studied Western Astrology and Numerology in the early 90s and Jyotish(Vedic Astrology) for the last 8 years.

I have studied with many Jyotisha teachers from US and India.


Vedic Astrologer

My desire is to be of service, help people navigate through life with the help of Vedic Astrology, to help show them the possibilities and the light at the end of the tunnel.

I approach my readings with an open heart, a compassionate manner in a non-judgemental manner.


Natal Chart Reading The Essentials

90 Min $260

If you’ve never had a reading with me before, this is the category for you to select (The Essentials + Topics). 1.5 hours is the minimum for the 1st-time clients. Try to be realistic about how much we can cover in the time-slot you book. If we cover your selected topics faster than usual, we can look at anything else you desire for the remainder of the time together.



Couple’s Compatibility

1 Hr | $215

Please make sure to submit the birth data for BOTH PARTNERS I will take you both through your compatibility strengths & weaknesses and where you excel together and which areas need a little love and care.



Firoze is one of the hardest working professionals I know. Her dedication to helping clients is second to none, and she approaches every task with the same devotion to customer service, whether it’s in the spa or reading the birth chart. Her insights into compatibility come not only from her studies with me but from a lifetime of analyzing relationships. Firoze is not only a student, she is a friend, and a dedicated servant of humanity. 

DLM certified! By Simon Chokoisky






Requierment For Every Reading

*(for each person in the reading)

*You can submit this info in the appointment scheduling form or email it to me in advance of our session.