Creme Anti-C w/ Glove Pack

6.8 oz


Slimmer figure and firmer skin. This multiple-benefit product provides simultaneous action on different fronts to repair all visible damage caused by “cellulite”. It reduces adipocyte mass in volume, staves off disorganization in dermo-epidermal structures, exfoliates and reduces the appearance of orange-peel skin. Rich in plant extracts, ivy, horsetail, nettle and birch bark, the formula stimulates microcirculation. The creamy texture is perfectly adapted to the palper roule massaging technique. Recommended for skin instants with confined fat deposits.

The Biologique Recherche Massage Glove is an accessory that helps absorption of active ingredients and enhances treatment results. Its design accounts for the skin’s energy flows. One side is covered in thick spikes to prepare the skin and encourage the penetration of active ingredients. The other side has fine spikes to loosen and eliminate stubborn accumulated fat. This silicone glove is very easy to manipulate and can be used to re-model the entire body. It is ideal for use together with Biologique Recherche’s various products (exfoliators, moisturizers, firming creams, etc.).


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