Prtty Peaushun

** Prtty Peaushun has one of those awesome stories that people just love to hear. It was first created by Bethany Karlyn (a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles) in her kitchen, to use on celebrity clients and models on set. As with all amazing inventions, it was created out of necessity. There was nothing like it on the market (and there is still nothing like it…let us explain…)

** For 20 years Bethany mixed up the magic po-shun (with no name) the night before a shoot in her kitchen and took it to set in an ordinary tupperware container. When she applied it to the skin (body and face)…everyone on set went crazy! Celebrities, models, photographers, directors, producers, other artists…all said the same thing… “YOU MUST sell this stuff to the public, people will love it!” She was very flattered but thought they were just being nice and never took it seriously…UNTIL she met Tracy Anderson.

** The moment Bethany started working with Tracy they became instant friends. Tracy too fell in love with Bethany’s special po-shun and raved about the hit product Bethany had on her hands. Bethany was terrified, the economy was crashing, businesses were failing…on paper, it was not the time to launch a new product. But because she trusted and respected Tracy’s opinion, she decided to go for it!

Prtty Peaushun Body Photos
** Bethany met with a chemist and per-fected the po-shun. She wanted quality, natural ingredients that were healing, soothing and cruelty free. She is a perfectionist with a sharp eye for quality beauty and style. Bethany made sure the final PRTTY PEAUSHUN met her very high standards; from ingredients to packaging to consistency to effect. She did it!

** When it looked like Prtty Peaushun was going to be a hit, Bethany quickly contacted close friend of 15+ years, Tami Riddle. Bethany and Tami are sisters (not by blood but friendship) and truly family. They are the best of friends and support, inspire, respect and balance each other in work. Tami’s strong background in the entertainment industry and razor sharp intuitive business & people sense brings balance and a rock solid foundation to Prtty Peaushun. Bethany and Tami became business partners and co-founded the company, working around the clock to build Prtty Prdct, Prtty Peaushun.

** Two years later, Dawn Goodburn joined the Prtty team as Director of Marketing & Promeaushuns. Tami and Dawn worked together in the mid-1990’s at Bedford Falls (a film, television & commercial) production company in Santa Monia. The two have been friends ever since and always had a strong respect and admiration for each other’s work. Dawn’s outstanding gift in communication helps build the family ties between our company and our customers. She is a perfect fit!

** Shortly after Dawn started with Prtty Prdct, Rebecca Goodburn (niece) joined the team as Social Media manager. Rebecca has continued to grow into the Prtty family and establish herself as a savvy SoMe figure.

** Our Prtty little family extends beyond just us…it extends to our Customers (wholesale & retail), our loyal Makeup Artist Fans, our Vendors, our individual Families, our Friends and more. We are grateful and thankful for the opportunity to work with genuine and good people. All of our beautiful photography is by the amazing Miranda Penn Turin (, celebrated celebrity/fashion/advertising photographer and close friend of 20+ years. The amazing body you see in our brand images is the incredible Tracy Anderson ( who has been our cheerleader and supporter from day one. She has believed in Prtty Peaushun from the beginning as a quality product with overflowing benefits. Prtty Peaushun would not be available to the public if Tracy had not convinced Bethany to “Go For It!” (And thank God she did!)

** From the second PRTTY PEAUSHUN became available people all over the world have been loving it. It not only looks beautiful on, but with the help of some exciting active ingredients, will also improve the condition of your skin. The formula is natural, does not contain any toxic ingredients or animal products, it is Certified Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Toxin Free, Fragrance Free, Vegan. The botanical extracts are handcrafted from plants sourced through globally approved and certified organic farms, primarily in the United States, as well as Europe and India. Every ounce of the lotion is accessible due to the packaging. The pack is also considered “anti-packaging” as it will flatten to leave the lightest possible carbon footprint. There is nothing like our product on the market even yet today.

** Thank you to Tracy, and thank to our every growing Prtty Family!

** ~ Bethany and Tami

** PRTTY PEAUSHUN is PETA approved and is a member of the Green America Association. We do not test on animals and are committed to the fair treatment of workers in our supply chain.

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